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Welcome to the world of Peruvian cuisine! Some interesting things you may want to know about our restaurant and about Peruvian cuisine and ingredients...

The beautiful aji pepper, a staple in Peruvian cooking
The beautiful aji pepper, a key ingredient in Peruvian cooking
What does Peruvian food taste like?
Peruvian cuisine really is a world cuisine, combining the best tastes and techniques from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Dishes like Chaufa de Pollo may remind you of Chinese chicken fried rice, while Parihuela, a seafood dish, is similar to a French bouillabaisse. Milanesa de Pollo is very much like Italy's beloved Chicken Milanese.
What are some of your key ingredients?
One special ingredient that really sets Peruvian cuisine apart is its use of the beautiful aji pepper. This gorgeous orange pepper is famous in Peru and is used in many of Viva's dishes. Other ingredients we rely heavily on are red onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers, potatoes, our delectable rotisserie chicken, and many types of seafood from crab to green mussels to various delicious fresh fishes. Giant Peruvian corn and yucca are also Peruvian ingredients we use regularly. These can be enjoyed with our ceviche dishes.
Mixed seafood ceviche with fried yucca and Peruvian corn
Our mixed seafood ceviche with fried yucca and Peruvian corn
Do all three restaurants offer the same selections?
Yes. Fiesta Limeña, Viva, and Fiesta on Main Peruvian Restaurants have the same delicious menu options. Each location also features different daily specials created according to each of our Peruvian-trained chef's imagination, seasonal ingredient availability and customer demand.
Medio Pollo a la Brasa at Fiesta Limeña, our succulent rotisserie chicken with fries, appealing to all ages!
Medio Pollo a la Brasa, our succulent rotisserie chicken served with rice (or fries, of course!)- a dish appealing to all ages
Do you have a separate children's menu?
No, but several of our dishes are very kid friendly, and in general, Peruvian food is family-friendly due to its use of fresh, simple ingredients served in unpretentious but delicious preparations. Many children enjoy Milanesa de Pollo, our breaded chicken cutlet with rice (or fries). Salchipapa, sliced hot dogs and fries is another favorite. Your little one may also love our moist rotisserie chicken, Medio Pollo a la Brasa, served with rice (or fries) and a side of salad.
Can I order food to go?
Absolutely, many of our customers enjoy our food as takeout. We offer take out in regular sizes and larger portions, or medio-fuente, as we say in Spanish.
Pisco Sour at Fiesta Limeña, Peru's Slightly Tart, Refreshing Cocktail
Pisco Sour- Peru's Slightly Tart, Refreshing Cocktail
Do you cater?
No, but our half size or full size trays are a great way to cater a party. Just call in your order and we will have it ready for pick up at the restaurant.
Do you accept reservations?
Seating is based on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you'll be dining with a large party, let us know in advance so we can accommodate your needs.
Do you offer gift cards?
Yes, gift cards are available in all of our locations.
Do you offer alcohol?
Yes, both Fiesta locations and Viva offer wine and beer. Fiesta Limeña offers other cocktails as well, such as Peru's renowned Pisco Sour.